06 January 2009

Beam us up, Scotty

Beginning with Captain Kirk and Commander Spock, the world was privileged to the great exploration of "...where no man has gone before." Even today, members of our vainly glorious race have yet to travel from this, our native rock, to our nearest sister planets; however, the dream still exists. Even before man had left the bounds of Earth to reach the Moon, Star Trek took us to places far beyond our wildest imaginings. Even throughout its various forms, Star Trek continued to expand and grow with and in spite of us. Thousands of fansites exist on the internet and even more fans exist on this blue ball flying through space. From time to time, I will publish a post here with the intent of harboring good, fan driven discussion on topics dealing with this great imagining of our future. This discussion will be civil and useful for us fans to incite exploration of this great future.

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